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Hi! I'm Josh

I’ve been playing roleplaying games since the tender age of 7, and running games since middle school. I’ve got a hand in many different aspects of the hobby, and I’m happy to help anyone looking to have a great time gaming. I have my limits, of course, but here’s a little of what you can find here (and elsewhere):

  • On YouTube: I create videos that focus on running better games and finding the best tools to help you get there… like Foundry Virtual Tabletop, for example.

  • On DriveThruRPG: I create mini-supplements to help DMs fill a specific need, such as detailing a big treasure horde or fleshing out a village full of NPCs.

  • On I have an add-on that includes the homebrew material I’ve created that I think may be helpful to DMs.

  • On Startplaying.Games: I run games for adults & families!

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